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Locksmiths from all over the UK are invited to join the Association of Accredited Locksmiths..

In order to join the Association, locksmiths will have to:

  • have a police disclosure report proving that they have no previous convictions
  • show a copy of their current public liability insurance cover
  • provide two references from previous clients

"The aim is to give potentially vulnerable members of the public peace of mind, because if they deal with a member of the Association of Accredited Locksmiths they are dealing with someone who is bone fide," say founders Steve Duncan and Wayne Arkwright.

In this day and age it's frightening that anyone can simply go on a locksmith course and set themselves up in business without going through any security checks. In short, you don't know who you are letting into your home or business.

Anyone can attend a basic locksmith training course these days and there are no checks done, so anyone could take up the job, including criminals. Membership of the AAL will set the good locksmiths apart and offer the public peace of mind."

The cost to join the AAL is £45 plus £10 per month and members will receive a certificate of membership, identity badge, 3 van stickers showing the Association logo and a disc containing the logo details to enable you to add to advertising, invoices, business cards and also a set of AAL rules. Also we will do some links to your website to help your website rank better with google.

Full details are available by writing to: Dunright Ltd - 7 Somerset Avenue, Lancaster, LA1 4BW.

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The Association of Accredited Locksmiths is a subsidiary of Dunright Ltd, registered office, 7 Somerset Avenue, Lancaster, LA1 4BW